Week 3

The brief: 

We will meet online (Zoom) during our regular class time slot Wed 2/13 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m

There will be assignments to prepare before our online class meeting: you don’t need to submit anything beforehand, but be prepared and ready to discuss your answers during class

You will need to have your copy of the ‘Secretum’ and the text of the ‘Metamorphoses’ with you during class

The detailed overview:


  • Petrarch, Secretum, Book 3
  • Selections from Ovid, Metamorphoses (posted to class group)


  • Connect to our Zoom meeting 5 minutes before class starts (more info in forum)
  • Read the (very detailed) bio of Petrarch (posted to class group) and make a list in Italian of all the different roles Petrarch took on during his life (not to be submitted, but have it ready during class)
  • Read each other’s responses to Book 1, which we will discuss together with Book 3
  • “Amore” e “gloria” are Petrarch’s two “catene” (Book 3): pay particular attention to what those mean
  • The story of Apollo and Daphne, as told by Ovid in the Metamorphoses, is central to the Canzoniere: read the story in Italian translation (posted to class group).